Paul Masters | Music

“I function as a channel through which music emerges from the chaos of noise” VANGELIS


I would like to introduce to you some of my recent musical projects. They were inspired by some serious topics that caught my attention like paintings, photography, structures, sounds or objects but also actual world’s everyday life …

  • RHYTHM TRAX | in the summer of 2000 two young and ambitious men meet for the first time in a record shop, starting to talk about music, about the way it affects us all. So, they have decided to start a 2 head musical project in the field of electronic style. The guys we are talking about are Paul Masters and Chris Rhythm. One producer and one DJ. Two complete different worlds clashing in each other, getting ready to embarque on a musical journey of it’s own! Their different aspects of thinking brought the TWO to combine different styles and genres together, releasing a number of LP’s on the label with the same name, RHYTHM TRAX. Understanding the immense capability of the electronic era, their musical projects developed fast and their ideas were unstoppable. Every night they have spent hours on researching the right sounds, the right drums and percussions, the grooves and the emotion necessary to express the true meaning of their tracks. The DJ sound concept was sustained by the artistic ideas and vice versa. It was indeed, very educational!
  • CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURES | individual concept of describing a “state of the art” global problem, which reflects future changes of our modern society. Based on an interview of a famous modern professor from Romania, this track was composed to mirror the topics of the Critical Infrastructures Conferences world wide (United States of America, Brasil, Switzerland, New Zealand, Poland, Romania, etc).
  • WEATHERMAN | challenging the sounds of nature, mystics and electronic technology, all come together into a so called FRACTAL MUSIC. An interesting and beautiful music concept based on mathematical formulas and algorithms. Sophisticated arrangements combined with arithmetical sound engineering.
  • 02:00 | a Brainstorm Productions short movie based on a cooperation of ethnic traditions, modern sounds and free style!
  • AXIS PROJECT | trying to express and transpose visual concepts to acoustical logarithms. A project between an architect and a musician …
  • AEOLIA | an artistic sound/visual concept by Paul Masters. Soundtrack of an environmental topic, interpretating the use of clean energy for our society!


“Music is food for your soul!” they say, and to be honest I can not imagine my life without it. It has always been my dream to being able to reproduce, that particular something that completes someone spiritually! My actual interests lie in the research of fractal music. An interesting logical formula, based on mathematics … music is divine mathematics, and my future projects are planned to go along this path …

Many international musicians and artists like DJ dewBlue, Sinusblitz, Loungeplayer, DJ Chris Rhythm, Dragos Leca, Ralu David, Moira Rocco, Andra Sandru, Herbert Pirker, Smart Data Continuum, Barnabas Juhasz, Bernd Mazzag and Paul Pluesh I’ve met along the way and we’ve spent many hours of exchanging ideas and brain squashing, but it was a meaningful and educational time for us all. Thank you guys … Paul

Paul Masters Music

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